However, pick the child skis up to seven years, using this method, it will not turn.In order for your child is able to correctly ride - his body weight must be such that he was able to bend the ski, snow touching the middle part of it.Otherwise, these skis are properly matched to dig in the snow.Therefore, in the case of teaching skiing to choose children's skis must be given the following rule: if the child's body weight less than 20 kg, you should buy skis, a length of 70 cm. If the child's weight is in the range of 20-30 kilograms, you need to take skis,a length of 90 cm. With a weight of 30 to 40 kg, it is necessary to acquire the ski, whose length is 100 cm. If the child's weight more than 40 kg, ski shop as well as adult children.

It should be noted that this rule applies only to beginners.When a child learns the

basics of skiing and skiing prigibaniyu effort feet, then you have to pick up the child skiing greater length growth.

When choosing skis should distinguish between children's skiing, the so-called "ski-boards" that are shorter skis for adults.These skis are suitable for the child's length, but they are quite rigid and not equipped with detachable fasteners.Buy these skis for the child does not need.He just will not be able to manage them properly, and try to teach him skating to "ski board" over an injury and spoiled the impression.

Choosing skis for each child is different.Therefore, before buying a baby skis, you should consult with an experienced instructor or try to find a qualified consultant in a specialty store sports equipment.

When buying children's ski unconditional right there - and boots and skis, take absolutely contraindicated "for growth."Skiing should be selected is a "current" age of the child.

Contrary to the stereotype, the main cause of child injuries during the descent from the slopes lies not in a bad road, and in the banal saving parents to buy new shoes for skis.