For starters learn not zazhmurivatsya underwater.Try to immerse themselves in the water, raise your hand and look at it.There is nothing wrong with that water gets in your eyes, because even the salt water will not irritate.It is best to try to do this exercise while swimming in a conventional reservoir.
If you open your eyes in the water, you already know, then try the following: sink to the bottom of the reservoir and locate the shallow white object at the bottom left earlier.Bend, stretch your legs and dived head-first, try to get to the bottom of the object.At first it may be difficult, but then released.
sail a few meters from the white object and the surface of the water with a dive at him.There are difficulties with the immersion o
f the torso, but in order to overcome the problem simply lift the legs higher.Your weight will go under water.
following is to understand how long you are able to stay under water.Diving is very similar to normal.That can only prevent buoyancy.Try to keep the feet above the head, strokes directed downward and forward.
If diving is also important to keep a straight course.Try to swim and gaze at the shore, where there are certain guidelines to learn to sail as much as possible directly.
order to improve their own skills of diving, try every day to complicate the exercise.For example, throw into the water a few notable items and try one dive to find them.You can also throw any object from a boat and dive in after him, trying to get this thing before it touches the bottom.
Please note that in normal diving into the water, too, and you need to go right, and beautiful.The problem of newcomers to diving that head down into the water, they just scared.As a result, the water drop formation to give tangible strikes the body.
to start learning to dive from the shore, where the water is almost equal with him.Lean is very low, pull his arms over his head and slides into the water.Gradually increase the height of the shore you need to dive in and try to jump headfirst.As a result, you have to learn to jump into the water from a running start.