Forward to victory

Sports chants designed to support the athletes and inspire them with confidence in victory.Therefore, they should come up with concise, clear and encouraging.Athletes, for which you compose these unpretentious poetry, should feel your support - it is sure to give them extra strength.What could inspire your idols?Of course, the coveted victory.Chants for sporting events, of course, must include such wonderful words as a "victory", "Champion", "Hero" and the like.And remember that in addition to an excellent mood, the following verses will play the role of motivation and give the athlete an extra incentive - believe in it!

So, the simplest and most effective chant as old as the world.It should be referred to the team name or the name of the
athlete, as well as a couple of words about what it was amazing.For example, "Ivanov - Champion" or "Eagles - well done!".

To the delight of fans

course, sports chants would not be so popular if the fans just chanting the names of their idols, calling them champions.True joy chants to compose their funny and witty, emphasizing the dignity of its athletes and slightly diminish the opposing team.Remember that even during sporting events on verses like "If we lose our napinayut your" no one in particular is offended, you should not get involved.Even if your job is to break the morale of the enemy, it can be ironic and sensitively.Avoid overtly offensive phrases and expressions that may offend your companions.

Seven times measure

Remember that chant at the stadium fans will shout it.Sometimes the phrase, beautiful on paper, it is impossible to say, the more quickly and cheerfully.Be sure to try to shout what you have got.The basic rule of shouting at a sporting event - it is read by syllables.Therefore, your text must be easily broken down into distinct syllables and be easy to read.Another important rule of sports chants - brevity.You can certainly hit their rivals long ode in honor of your team, but do not forget that people have come to the stadium, not for poetry, and to see the performances.In the heat of a passion for sport, many may simply not pay attention to the long monotonous shouting from the stands.This is why it is at most a short chants and try to make them hear well.