First of all, evaluate the level of health, opportunities and abilities of your child.If you're planning a career, then it is best to give preference or Youth School of Olympic Reserve.There are qualified coaches and sports doctors who can provide a complete sports education and also will monitor the health of the child.
Plan budget.Consider all the costs of training and the possibility of going to the competition.If the child has time to get used to sports and staff, but because of financial difficulties he would have to give up a section, it can become severe psychological trauma.
If you are not sure that your child will like to engage in any sport or do not know whether it can withstand the load, select the section of the non-professional at
the school.Also, you can apply to educational centers or stadiums that are close to home.These institutions are not very big load, and your child will be able to assess their strength.
determine whether the child to do sports individually or in a team.Team section suitable for those children who have difficulty in relationships with peers.They will develop skills to interact with other children.But when the difficulties in the relationship with the team consist of excessive aggression, the child will approach soothing sport or occupation, that release of aggression, such as boxing.And also a team sport suit sociable and open to children.
from collective sports for girls choose volleyball, handball and basketball.Boys are suitable for almost all kinds of team sports, if you do not have any physical limitations or medical contraindications.Work in these sections can be started with 5 years.
Select classes in the pool, if your child is hyperactive, astenichen or has high emotionality.For playing in the water is practically no contraindications, in addition, they are beneficial to the entire body, strengthens muscles and develop good posture.
If you want to develop a coordinated, strong-willed character traits, discipline, give the child the accuracy of movements and rhythm, learn to navigate through space and time, prefer fencing, sport dance, martial arts lessons and ski sports.
for the development of all muscle groups, coordination, flexibility, grace and harmony, have a child gymnastics.This sport can be practiced from the age of three, and besides, it is a base and can serve as a good preparation for the transition to the next stage of sports.
If you want your child to always be able to stand up for themselves, learned to react quickly and well to control the body, give it to the section of the martial arts.There he will be able to splash out the accumulated emotions and learn to control aggression.