How to find the time in basketball

Basketball - one of those sports, which is counting clean time.Stopwatch arbitrator operates only when the ball is in play.If he leaves the field or stopped or another character, the match is stopped.It starts counting again after the ball into play.

The game itself is divided into four equal quarters.They can last either 10 or 12 minutes.In this 12-minute intervals in the currently practiced only in the National Basketball Association (NBA), which exists in North America.In all other tournaments one quarter lasts 10 minutes.

game starts jump ball that is played in the sprawling grounds.Take breaks between quarters for 2 minutes each.When the second and third quarters are separated by the big break - 15 minutes.

victory in the basketball game wins the team with th
e most points at the end of the playing time (40 or 48 minutes, depending on the rules).If the score is tied, an overtime (additional 5 minutes).Teams play until there is a winner.Draws can not be, why spend so much overtime as needed (one, two, three, etc.).

All these figures relate to the net time of the match.If we take the usual time, at the basketball game usually takes about 1-2 astronomical hours (with breaks in the game, with breaks, overtime).

Special rules

Each team is given one attack 24 seconds (in the NBA - 32).The time is counted from the moment of hitting the ball into the hands of the player, but before it expires team must get rid of the basketball "shell."Otherwise, the judge will interrupt the attack whistle and give the ball the other team.As a rule, possession ends with a throw in the ring opponent.

In addition, for the first 8 seconds of possession of the ball needs to be translated from own half on another.And when the throw or during the execution of the free-throw the ball must leave the hands of a basketball player for 5 seconds.There is also typically 3 seconds: This is the limit of the residence time of the player under the basket opponent.

Record the duration of the game

In 2006, North America held the longest basketball game.Team "Duke" and "North Carolina" played more than 58 hours - from Saturday morning to Monday evening.The match was held specifically to set a record time, and the proceeds from ticket sales was donated to charity.