history anthem UEFA Champions League began in 1992, when the European Football Association has made the company Team Marketing - the organizer of the tournament - the order for the creation of the anthem: the powerful, majestic and solemn melody that can inspire accomplishments on the football field,strengthen the spirit of the players.Adman English composer Tony Britten, who appealed to the customers, offered a variety of options to choose from.As a result, the basis for the product took George Frideric Handel "Zadok the priest," written in 1727 in honor of the coronation of King George II: solemn choral motet on the bibl
ical theme - accession to the throne of King Solomon and his anointing to reign Zadok the priest.

work on the anthem lasted 6 weeks, during which Tony Britten made an arrangement, orchestration, choir painted party.As a result of the original works of Handel was only a rising string phrase in the beginning, which still does not take the choir.All other parts of the anthem - pure inspiration Britten put together chords, passages and ideas of great music, so it can truly be considered the author of the anthem of the Champions League.

on string arpeggios Handel Britten was imposed vocal line, which although does not have common areas with "Zadok the priest," but it is very typical for the style of classical composer.Hymn of the Champions League is not a direct transcription of Handel's works, but despite this, Tony Britten's often accused of plagiarism.

hymn sung in 3 languages: English, German and French.Britten first sketched the main ideas in his native English, and then made several blocks of text so that each phrase heard at all 3 languages.Hymn of the Champions League consists of two couplets and a refrain, and its content is simple enough, but solemnly: "This is the best team!", "The Main Event", "Master", "Champions!".These short sentences reflect the importance of the football tournament for participants and fans.

footballers took the hymn very quickly because it sounded before each match, including the final.And the fans took a few seasons to get used to the melodies.But 20 years later the national anthem of the Champions League has not only become recognizable and popular today it is an integral part and a symbol of the competition for the Cup Champions.