you need
  • Internet access.
already know the results of matches of the championships ended in most countries the easiest way to specialized sites.For example, on the websites of the bookmakers - they are taking bets on a large number of top division games in many countries, and publish their outcomes.Link to archive the results of matches of the championships of different countries in different sports on the site of one of these offices - Marathon - listed below.Use this section is quite simple - click on the link in the form of interest to select the sport, the period for w
hich you want the results of matches, and click on the link "Show."
On sites sports publications can be found not only the results but also the detailed statistics of past games.Moreover, some specialized web-resources of this kind even publish statistics of individual players, along with video clips, for example, all the touches of the ball by each player.Link to the table with the results of the Russian football championship in the Premier League on the server of one of these publications - the newspaper "Sport-Express" - also is listed below.Go to this page, find the table and click the right match of his account, if you want to find out more.
On the Internet there are services that specialize in prompt notification about the progress of the ongoing matches of the championships of different countries in different sports.With their help, you can get information on how is not yet complete games in real time, and to know the final score has ended.A link to one of the very friendly service of this kind - - have under this article.After loading the home page, check the boxes you are interested in games, and then select the "My Games".To keep abreast of changes in accounts in selected games, not necessarily update the page or follow the changes of numbers - scripts Notify me on goals scored and the end of match beep.