you need
  • -Sport clothes,
  • dumbbell,
  • -Towels
In order to pump the chest in the home, daily perform the following exercise.Wear comfortable exercise clothes fit perfectly for this topic and athletic shorts.
Stand with feet shoulder width, shoulder blades pulled back, folded his hands together at chest level, about 10 inches away from her, so that arms from the elbow to the hand parallel to the shoulder line, andfingers "looked" up.
Now, correctly and evenly breathe in and out.Look in front of you.On each exhale, squeeze his hands as much as possible.Distribute power evenly between your hands so that both palms pressed against each other with the same force.You are right to do the exercises if you feel tension in
your chest.During the exercise, the chest should be slightly lifted.For the first time, do the exercise 15 times in two parts, with each passing day increases the amount of time until you get to 30-35.
Buy store in small dumbbell weighing 1 kg.Spread on the floor towel or foam yoga to make you comfortable.Lie on your back, hands should be parallel to the body, then grab a dumbbell and exhale slowly lift them up, and to lower the breath down.When you do the exercise for the first time, make for every three approaches, then each training day is added 1 time, until you get to 30.
also can not forget about the push-ups.Get down on the floor, put his hands on the floor and try push-ups by touching the breast sex.If you are hard to lean on his knees.Perform each exercise in three sets of 5 times.

Carrying out exercises in the complex, you will achieve good results, without leaving home.