respiratory arrest occurs, both under water , and in the air depends on the volume of your lungs.Gradually increase it to the lungs and diaphragm were able to save as much as possible after inhalation of oxygen.Stretch breath , trying to breathe in and out consciously, slowly and quietly.You can do it in a truck, in movies, in any place convenient for you.Keep silent and calm, do not be distracted by external stimuli.Inhale slowly, counting the seconds.Exhale at the expense of gradually trying to equalize the inhale and exhale.Each time I try to stretch the inhalation and exhalation, making them more durable.
complicates breathing exercises for stretching.Use the exercises of yoga.Full yogic breathing calm and measured.It begins with the abdomen, smoothly into th
e diaphragm, the latter rises chest.Exhale occurs in reverse order: out air from the lungs, and then from the diaphragm, the latter released his stomach, slightly prizhivayas to the spine.
When you learn to stretch breath , follow delay after inhalation and exhalation.Do not torture yourself waiver of oxygen, even holding your breath will be comfortable.Gradually, the delay will be longer.Do this exercise at home in the morning.Practice it in the pool, but keep the breath holding under water more complicated.
Before immersion perform artificial respiration.With the power of inhalation and exhalation air.Try to push to let the air out - quickly, but until the end.Breaths also makes a dramatic and complete.A few minutes of this breathing body sated with oxygen and in a few minutes did not want to breathe.However, do not go down into the water immediately after this breath: it can cause dizziness.
While sailing synchronize movement with breathing m. Rising above the water , breathe in.Exhale into the water, sinking down.Keep the range of movement and breathing, keep a strict rhythm of breaths.