It is best to exercise with your child.This general principle, which is suitable for all exercises.Arrange the competition.For example, you can bet that will make a great number of repetitions per minute.Of course, winning is not always, give your child the opportunity to enjoy the win, but you can not play and unconditionally.
Another important principle is that the child should be interesting to play sports.Despite the fact that the exercises the abdominal muscles not original, it is necessary to create such conditions that the boy longed to start exercising.For example, you can tell him that he is a hero who must save the kingdom, but to do so he will have to train a lot.
first exercise.Let the child lie on your back
and raise one leg up at an angle of 90 degrees.Then he needs to touch the floor on the opposite side (for example, if the right leg, then you need to touch the floor on the left).After this leg again be raised to the original position and quietly sank to the floor.Then he repeated the mirror technique.This exercise allows you to train the obliques.The load with a minimum so that the child can easily cope.
second exercise.It also helps to pump up the obliques.A child should lie down on your back and bend your knees.Slightly lifting body, he must get his foot on the right side first and then on the left side.This exercise should be repeated 20-30 times.It's very easy.Many athletes use it as a warm-up.
third exercise.Trains all parts of the press.The child is to hang on the bar, and then, with your knees bent, tighten the legs to his chest.Initially, this exercise can not be obtained, especially if the boy had not been training.There is nothing wrong, let them do so, as you can.Help him by lifting his feet.As soon as he easily begin to get breast lifts add to the turns.
fourth exercise.Conventional twisting.Let the child lie on your back and bend your knees.Keep their hands to create emphasis.Then the boy to fold his hands behind his head and raising his trunk, his elbows touch the knees.As soon as you notice that the child barely begins to rise, say "stop" and ask him to lie down.
fifth exercise.The common people called "Cars."Take the baby's legs so that it rests only on the front hand and walk with him so for a while.Children love this exercise because it is fun and fairly simple.The abdominal muscles while isometric exercise, which gives a good effect.