Tip 1: How to deal with in the pool

Swimming is considered one of the most gentle sport that no particular risk of injury can be engaged in everything from small to large, so the sport is very popular.However, most swimmers rarely think through advance training plan, and as a result can not improve their results or to achieve some other goals, such as weight loss or to strengthen the back muscles.

Swimming, like any other sport, you need to practice regularly.Regularity and duration of exercise should depend on your physical abilities and the goals.For those who like the best option - two to three times a week for 40-50 minutes.Ideal - is training with coach (no matter - in a group or individually) as well as an experienced educator and exercise properly constructed and all your mistakes will show and will encourage you to perform difficult exercises that will allow you to significantly progress in swimming.But if you decide to engage yourself, then you need to remember a few simple rules.First of all, start with warm-up exercises is
necessary.If possible, spend at least 5 minutes to warm up on land.Do it consistently, from the top down - at first it is necessary to gently heat the neck, then the hand from wrist to shoulder, torso (especially the back), and finally, the legs.By the way, a hot shower before the training, which necessarily must be taken in any pool, also good for your muscles.If the opportunity to spend a warm-up on the land there, make sure you cook them in the water.Warm water can be very different - it all depends on what exactly you dedicate this training.Depending on your physical fitness it may be a 50 m breaststroke at the slide, and immediately shock 400 meters complex.In any case, do not try to give the first seconds of all, what you can - start slowly, listen to your body, gradually increase the intensity of the exercises.The bulk of the training is better to think in advance.Alternate exercises for arms and legs, endurance and strength, speed and technique refinement.A variety of types of exercises can be found in text format as well as video tutorials on the Internet.There you can find ready-made training plans.Do not neglect exercise with optional equipment - shovels, boards, Kolobash- kin, fins and other devices.If you think that you are doing something wrong, and ask for advice there is nobody, ask your friend to record your video (or write yourself, use a tripod), take a look at ourselves - errors immediately rush into your eyes.Try to observe the time intervals you specify (either 1 minute of rest or a series of exercises to be executed for a certain amount of time).This does not necessarily have a fashionable waterproof watch with a stopwatch - in most pools on the walls watch allows you to track the session, and at the same time monitor the progress of the training.After the primary, critical part of training, do not neglect the so-called "otkupkoy" - swim at least 50-100 meters slowly, quietly, slowly relax your muscles tired out.

Tip 2: How to swim

Swimming - one of the most popular summer sports.There are some simple exercises that will help you master the skills of swimming.But never learn to swim alone, even next to you will be sure an experienced swimmer.
How to swim
Take a deep breath, drop down into the water with the head, and hold your breath for a few minutes.Repeat this exercise several times.
accomplish the same thing, open your eyes under water and find some object on the bottom.Try not to wipe his eyes and face with his hands, it will get used to the irritation of the skin, which causes the water flowing over his face.Repeat several times
Taking a deep breath, sit down in the water so that his mouth was under water, and breathe out into the water.Repeat.
Take a deep breath and lowered into the water with the head, exhale air.Stand up and repeat 3 to 4 times without stopping and without haste.
Taking a deep breath, sit down on the bottom, push the knees to the stomach and firmly clasp their hands, lower chin on his chest.At the same time your body will look like a float and pops.Remain in this position for a few seconds.Stand otdyshites and repeat.
Near the coast where the depth is up to the knee, lie on your back, rest in bed with his hands and lowered his head into the water, lift the pelvis.Take a deep breath and lift your hands from the bottom.Your body will be kept available at the water surface.
Repeat the previous exercise in a deeper place.Do not panic if your nose and mouth will get water.
from the "float" pull the hands and feet (face lowered into the water) and soak in that position (arrow) a few seconds.Take a starting position and stand on the bottom.In the "arrow" turn to one side and then on the back.
Standing at a depth just below the belt, take a deep breath, sit down, join hands above his head, and strongly rebounding from the bottom, allow the body to slide on the water.
Gliding on the water, start to work energetically feet.Hands alternately perform strokes (hand movements reminiscent of a windmill).

and you're swimming!
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