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On the website of the International Football Federation (FIFA) You can find videos of matches World Cup since 1978.Replays matches are found under Media, Video and categorized.Unfortunately, the video track accompanied by a soundtrack in five world languages ​​- in Russian is not among them. - one of the most popular news portals in Russian sports.Football fans often choose to track the latest sports events.

To view videos of football matches FIFA World Cup (also known as the world championship) will have to pay.Currency - "" is used to pay for the purchase of repeats matches in digital quality.All purchased files support the format with Full HD 1080, which is enough to show on the projectors and plasma TVs.Buy "coins" can be the use
of electronic payment systems and mobile transfers (sms to the short number).If you are not limited to watching a match, it makes sense to buy the unlimited account which will allow you to enjoy the football of the highest quality.

Video can be found in the section "Football", "past", "World Cup".Select the year of interest Mundialya and click Play (the button is located next to the description of the match). - media holding VGTRK project, which includes the channel "Russia", "Russia 2" and the radio station "Mayak", "Radio Russia".His attendance reaches 6 million per month.

Unlike, Sportbox allows users to watch replays of games for free, although in low quality.Previously, the system powered by Microsoft Silverlight, now the video is encoded on the technology Macromedia Flash.Watch replays of matches of the high quality is possible only for an additional fee.

Independent search

If no transfer or viewing conditions on the above resource you are not satisfied, you can start an independent search for a specific match.Area Search - search engines, social networks and torrent trackers.Football fans love beautiful matches, especially when it comes to the matches at the level of national teams.The owners paid accounts "NTV-Plus" can seek help from the portal administrators with a request for relevant matches.