Types Earplugs for swimming Earplugs

produced in several forms that determine mainly the comfort in use.The simplest kind - earplugs-balls.To get them, you need to gently press on the hollow of the back of the ear.

Earplugs different fungi-round head and tail, for which they can get.This is an option that allows you to have better control the fit.The most "professional" look earplugs - arrows.They are more circular discs, which are successively closed ear, and at the end of the tail, pulled out of that ear plugs.When choosing the right focus on the sensations.

earplugs Children differ from adults only in size.You can not use earplugs adult chil
dren that it is harmful to the ear of the child.

Selecting swimming earplugs

should be appreciated for what you need earplugs, not to be mistaken with a choice.Swimming earplugs should protect the ears from water.Earplugs for diving have additional functionality: they also stabilize the pressure.This is an important point that you should pay attention when buying.

Ear plugs for swimmers do not have to protect his ears from the noise, because sometimes you need to hear what is happening around.

important property swimming earplugs - a perfect seal.They must fully protect the ear from water, otherwise there is no point in them.Snug fit means that the ear canal is quite a lot of pressure.It is necessary to choose the option that will allow you to, on the one hand, to feel comfortable, but on the other, will still be placed in the ear quite tight.

Sometimes manufacturers promise "universal ear plugs" that can be used for swimming and sleeping.Do not rely on such advertising, as required for a comfortable sleep low pressure in the ear and the right ear plugs for swimming, on the contrary, must fit tightly.

swimming ear plugs can be made of different materials, the best is silicone.It was he who, on the one hand, most adjacent, on the other hand, allows you to hear what is happening around.An additional advantage of silicone is that it is soft enough not to cause inconvenience.

Earplugs come in disposable and reusable.Reusable cost less, but are more hygienic disposable.If you buy a reusable liners, do not forget to take care of them: they need to be cleaned regularly.

Do you need ear plugs for swimming?

Some doubt whether they earplugs for swimming.The fact that the water in the pool is not always perfectly clear, moreover, it sometimes add a lot of bleach.Is the purity of the natural reservoirs - it does matter.Earplugs will protect the ears from all this.

There is another reason: if you come out of the pool, and there is water in the ears, there is a risk to blow them.You can even get inflammatory diseases, especially during the cold season.In any case, after the pool is better to go in the header.