problem concerning the behavior of the fans, was a long time, but in Russia it came from abroad.For example, the violent behavior of English football fans had a headache the whole of Europe.The tragedy, which occurred May 29, 1985 in Brussels, took the lives of 39 people.Fans of English club "Liverpool" fans attacked Italian team "Juventus".After that UEFA has imposed on all English clubs harsh sanctions: for 5 years, they were forbidden to participate in the games of the European Cup.In the United Kingdom, respective
ly, have been tightened penalties for football hooliganism, and the most aggressive fans have blacklisted, forbidding them to visit the stadiums.And it gave the result: the fans hooliganism declined sharply.

obvious that in Russia it is necessary to take similar measures.But one only harsh sanctions and bans will not solve the problem.Much depends on the fans themselves.It is essential that every fan at a football game behave, observing the rules.

can and should support your favorite team, I wish it success, encourage its players.But it is unacceptable to insult the opposing team and its fans.And feel hostility towards them, and the more hatred is just silly.Such behavior is unworthy of a civilized man.

can shout the words of support and, in some cases, posting slogans (banners), they do not have to be rude or offensive to the opposite side.For example, the stunning stupidity and cynicism banner fans of "Zenith", addressed to fans of the Moscow "Dynamo", insulted the memory of the legendary goalkeeper LIYashin, caused a wave of indignation, even the most loyal fans of the St. Petersburg club.

to refrain from any actions that hinder smooth holding of the match as well as other spectators.It is understood that football is a lot of emotion.However, try not to jump up from their seats, do not wave your hands, do not shout too loudly.This will disturb others.

Remember that violation of the order by the fans hurt in the first place, your favorite club!After all, he is not only a moral but also material damage due to penalties.