you need
  • - a valid passport, and a copy;
  • - old passport and its copy;
  • - 2 color photos 3,5 x 4,5;
  • - certificate of employment;
  • - bank statements, credit or debit card and an extract from the card account;
  • - or your original ticket;
  • - a health insurance policy with a sum insured of at least EUR 30 000;
  • - Russian passport;
  • - international driving license.
Order ticket to the stage of "Formula 1" in Barcelona and book your hotel on the official site tracks what kind of ticket you would like to buy a 1-day without place, 1-day to a place three days on the podium with numbered seats.Select the location of the stands and parking area.
Buying a ticket gives you a number of advantages: You can follow the race on the
big screen, on the Thursday before the Grand Prix visit the pit-boxes and see the pilots and mechanics, free access to pre-season training session, listen radiokommentary race on the track.Note that the earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper it will cost you: from September 1 to November 30, a discount of 20% from December 1 through March 1 - 10%, from 2 March sales made at full cost.
On the same site you can find a hotel.In addition, taking advantage of a special offer "Hotel + tickets", you can save and get a number of additional benefits: free movement in all areas of the race track in the days before check-in, support and assistance of the agency staff throughout the period of stay, advertising and souvenir productswith the logos of the Spanish Grand Prix, etc.
If you are strapped for cash, you can buy a ticket to the paddock club "Formula 1".You will receive a place on the podium in the best viewpoint, the admission into the pits to the participating teams, VIP-pass to the pit lane, a place in the VIP-parking close to the entrance to the paddock, corporate gifts, the ability to assess the fine cuisine and a bar with a variety of wines.But keep in mind that a ticket is much more expensive than usual.
then complete your reservation or buy a plane ticket to Barcelona.If your city is carried out airlines such flights, you do not need transplants, otherwise select the most convenient option departure from Moscow.
Contact the Consulate of the Kingdom of Spain in Moscow to obtain a tourist visa.Consular charges, prepare and submit a package of documents:
- a valid passport, and a copy;
- old passport and a copy of it;
- 2 color photos 3,5 x 4,5 without angles and ovals on a white background, mat, face close, 70-80% of the photo;
- a certificate of employment stating position, salary and contact information (address, phone number) on the letterhead with signature and seal;
- a bank statement, credit or debit card, and the card account statement confirming the availability of funds in the amount at the rate of 60 euros per person per day for the entire period of stay in Spain;
- or your original ticket;
- health insurance, valid for the entire period of stay in Schengen countries, with the sum insured of at least EUR 30 000;
- a photocopy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
- form the shape of the Consulate;
- notarized power of attorney if the documents are submitted by another person.
all efforts to request tickets for the race, booking rooms at hotels and airline tickets, insurance and visa, you can trust the tour operator or agency organizes trips to international sporting events.Study offers of different companies, compare the prices of services.Barcelona is famous for its magnificent architecture, so give preference to the company, which conducts tours of the city.
arrived in Barcelona, ​​you can rent a car if your age is over 23 years old, and a driver's license issued at least 2 years ago.You might need to make company car owner a deposit of the rental cost.
If you are traveling with a tour company to get to the track for Catalonia you will not be difficult, because the transfer is included in the list of services.Independently of the race to get to the place can be a commuter train to the station Montmelo, as well as by car from Barcelona on the Avinguda Meridiana and further along the lines of the C-33, C-17 and C-35 before turning on the track Catalonia.A detailed route you can learn online Spanish Grand Prix.