lay on the floor mat classes, kneel and lean palms and elbows on the floor.Pull the leg back so that it formed a straight line with the back.Now lift your leg as high as possible, at the same time drag the heel and toe send down.As soon as you reach the limit, tighten the buttocks and continue to drag on for 5-6 seconds.Do this three times on each leg.
Lie face up on the mat, straighten your hands on the floor at shoulder level, bend your legs knees and put your feet on the floor.Slowly lift the hips, keeping your head and arms in a fixed position.As soon as the lift it until the end, tighten your buttocks and hold this position for 5-6 seconds.Then relax your buttocks and slowly lowe
r your hips to the floor.Repeat this exercise six times.
Lie on your back, bend your legs knees, heels rest against the floor, and point the toes up, put his hands on the floor at your sides.Raise your buttocks so that they form a straight line from the loin.Now pull your right leg so that the hips remain parallel to each other.Then return it to its original position and do the same left foot.And so, do 8 times for each leg .
Free space in front of him on the floor, sit on the floor, dilute legs slightly apart, straighten your back, take in hand the castle over his head and look forward.Squeeze your buttocks and within a minute try to move them forward.
Lie down on the bed, face down, so that they were in favor of it, slightly dilute legs and bend their knees.Now slowly lift your right leg up.At the same time you will have strained right buttock.Slowly lower the right leg and repeat the left.Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg .
regularly perform these exercises if you want to make sure that your buttocks become tightened, and the length of the legs at the same time visually enlarge.