This kind of outdoor activities not only helps to improve health, as it can be to lose weight, relax, get rid of stress.With the same intensity training exercise on land slightly lower than in the water.Therefore, for the same period of time in the pool, you will spend more energy than in the gym.But before you buy a ticket, try to determine a specific purpose.What you need: correct figure to explore the basics of sailing, relieve stress or just relax actively.This will vary from program activities.

If your plans include the correction of figure, then visit the pool at least three times a week.Float s
hould be almost non-stop at maximum speed for you.During the exercise, it is desirable to swim at least 800 meters.Keep in mind that every hundred meters should change the style.This should be done because each style gives its load on a particular muscle group.After a few sessions, try to swim a great distance.Swimming - a great way to lose weight.In the style crawl can lose about 570 calories per hour and put in the form of muscles of the arms and legs.Brass can help burn up to 450 kcal, it develops respiratory system, strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle and pelvis area.

Pregnant women can safely swim for 30-40 minutes per session.Swimming helps to relieve the load on the spine, gives the rest the legs and strengthens all the muscles, and thus makes it easier to bear the child and prepares the body for easier delivery.

The best time to practice in the pool - the interval between four and seven hours.In the morning, your body is still asleep, but in the evening already requires rest.Under the training regime must be adapted and diet.Swim preferably on an empty stomach.Grab a snack two hours before exercise, and after her to eat fruit or yogurt.

If you feel insecure in the water, work out with the swimming instructor.He will explain to you how to breathe, how to keep your head, what muscles should be tense.Then you can move on to independent training.

If you can not or do not like to swim, you can try water aerobics classes.It gives not less stress, but more diverse.