Tip 1: How to stretch the back muscles

spine and muscles back during the day constantly loaded, especially during prolonged static work and weight lifting.Excessive load on the muscles back can lead to muscle spasms, and diseases of the spine.Their stretching after a workout or at the end of the day can help you avoid serious health problems.
Take ipstanding, feet shoulder width apart.As you inhale, lift your hands up, pull your hands.On the exhale, bend down and try to get the floor with his hands.When you tilt back straight, look straight ahead, hands pull ahead, palm parallel to each other.If you can not get your hands floor, bend your knees slightly.Put your head down and relax.Make 2-3 calm inhaling and exhaling.Then round the back and the "vertebra by vertebra" gradually straightened up.Straighten arms and repeat two more times.
Ip- Standing, hands on his belt.On the inhale lift your right arm up and lean to the left.Reach for a hand up, feeling the stretch side torso muscles.Make 2-3 respiratory cyc
le.Go back to the initial positionand lean to the right, the left hand on top.There are three repeat.
Sit on the floor.Legs together, back straight.As you inhale, lift your hands up and pull the hands.On the exhale, bend forward, trying to touch the forehead, knees and hands to reach out to the stop.Hold this position for 8 seconds, then slowly straighten.Repeat 2-4 times.
Lie on your back and bend your knees.Tighten the thigh to the abdomen.Grasp the thigh and pull your hands to yourself.Feel the stretch the lumbar region.Straighten your leg, arm lift up and join hands.Soak on the floor for two minutes in a stretched condition.The loin is pressed to the floor.Do this exercise three times.
Ip- Lying on his back, arms to the side.Bend your right leg at the knee and pull the left knee.Shoulders off the floor, do not release.Drag their knees to the floor.Turn head to the right.Hold this position for eight seconds, then return to the initial positionOn the inhale bend your left knee and pull the knee to the right, turn your head to the left.Stretch eight seconds.
Complete relaxation training exercise for five minutes.Lying on your back, close your eyes and focus on the sensations of the body.Please send a wave of relaxation in mind that part of the body, which is extremely tense.Try to achieve complete relaxation of all muscles of the body.

Tip 2: How to stretch the muscles

Stretching is an important element in maintaining the health and good condition of the whole organism.This is known to all, and many are practicing various stretching exercises to achieve muscle relaxation.

However, not everyone knows how to stretch the muscles properly.A large number of people.doing exercises.It makes it spurts up to pain, sincerely believing that by doing so they will reach their goal.However, the wrong e perform stretching exercises can lead to very bad consequences.

What does stretch the muscles properly

easy stretching is performed correctly.This requires spare time, concentration and effort.Proper exercises carried out at a total relaxation of the body.This focuses on the stretch the muscles.If everything is done correctly and regularly, with each new approach, the exercises will become easier, and squeezed the muscles will gradually let go.

whole procedure of stretching can be divided into several stages.First, do light stretching muscles.It is enough to spend 10-15 seconds.All actions should be as smooth as possible, and in any case does not contain jerks.Exercise is carried out until the moment when I feel stress.In this state should try to relax for as long as the voltage will not retreat.If you select a range of motion is too large, and you can not relax, reduce it to the state in which the voltage will bring satisfaction.This stretch is training for the muscles, which will have the next step.

Once reached a comfortable position, not a nuisance, you can move on to the next phase, in which the stretching is gradually increased to the tensions.As soon as it becomes evident, should once again secure the position for 10-15 seconds.Again, you need to strength gradually gone.If it does not, it should be as light and stretching to reduce tension.This step improves flexibility and increases muscle tone.

How to stretch your muscles: Related moments

huge role played by the breath.In order to properly stretch the muscles, you should breathe slowly and rhythmically meaningful.Breathing is not necessary to detain.On the contrary, it should be free.If not, then you are doing something wrong, and you should check the correctness of their position and the degree of muscle relaxation.

Remember, excessive tension is not only useless, but also contribute to the further enslavement of the muscles.Therefore, do not take the time and do the exercises regularly, gradually reaching the necessary extensions.