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  • mat classes, it is desirable to wall bars
No need to make a bridge unprepared and without any special exercises.You can damage the muscles and ligaments.It is necessary to "warm up" your joints and back muscles.After a few general exercise, we will immediately proceed to the exercises that are necessary to prepare our basic element - gymnastic bridge.
Let us learn to begin to do the following exercises with ease.
Exercise 1, "Fish."Lying on his stomach, hands up.At the same time lift the arms and legs (knees straight) and detain them in this position a few seconds.
Exercise 2. Kneeling, feet shoulder width apart, arms at the top.Making gently tilt back, w
hile trying his hands touch the floor.(if the first attempt does not work, try to do this exercise several times)
Exercise 3, "box".Lying on her stomach.Hands put on the hips and straighten.Bend back.Then, try to bend the knees and his head to try to get your toes.
Exercise 4. From the position of lying on your back, try to make a bridge.To do this, lie down on your back, bend your knees, bend your hands, too, and put closer to the shoulders, elbows up.Starting position is ready.Now, gently straighten the arms and legs at the knees.This arching back.We try to fix this position a few seconds.
Once we have learned to confidently execute the above exercise, and most importantly make a bridge from a prone position, you need to start the familiarization of the bridge from a standing position.For this we need wall bars, or just a wall.The preparatory exercise for the bridge follows.
starting position - with his back to the wall bars or wall.Hands up, feet shoulder width apart.From this position, we do tilt back and his hands on the wall bars, hand over hand on the wall bars rails lowered into the bridge.Then also we climb back to its original position.This exercise needs to be fixed several times, because it is our basic element.
When we freely and naturally perform the recommended exercises, proceed to the final stage.It is recommended to insure the bridge to perform a gymnastic mat and the first few times with the insurance coach.
Starting position - standing feet shoulder width apart, arms at the top.Man faces the coach.He supports a person's back.Make a tilt back, hands up, linger for a moment in the slope, then gently lowered into the bridge.And pushed his hands through the slope back to the starting position.When a person is ready to self-fulfillment exercise, the coach will allow to fulfill this element itself.