you need
  • - cleansers,
  • - shower gel,
  • - towel,
  • - flip-flops.
Water pool cleared of pathogens using chlorine or ultraviolet light.However, there have surfaces which are thus not disinfected, so you need to be very careful not to touch any exposed skin surfaces.Once you have changed clothes, immediately put on slippers and remove them just before you enter the water.In order not to be infected by a fungus of the foot, in the showers, changing rooms and toilets need only walk in the sh
Pay close attention to where lay your towel, hat, bathing suit and a means for taking a shower.If you put it all on the common bench or leave on the floor, you can easily make the same fungus or to arrange these things breeding ground for harmful bacteria.Remember that in the warm moist environment reproduction of microorganisms is much faster, so even slight contact can cause serious illness.
After the exit from the water, be sure to carefully take a shower with soap and washcloths.Pool water contains chlorine, and it can cause allergic reactions and cause poisoning organism.Therefore, be careful to clean their skin from traces of chlorinated water.Wipes carefully.This will not only avoid possible hypothermia outside in the winter, but it also protects you from chafing on the legs, which are the most favorable place for the development of the fungus.