All methods of catching the ball combine three main phases: preparatory, basic and final.The easiest and most importantly, reliable way is to catch the ball with both hands at once.
preparatory phase

If the ball is flying towards you at the head and chest, pull your arms forward straight toward him.Fingers and wrist strain, giving them the shape of a basket, size larger than the diameter of the ball.If the ball is flying below the breasts, body bent slightly forward, sit down a little deeper, reducing the height of the shoulders to the reception leve
l of the ball.Leaned forward toward a flying ball.
main phase

When receiving the ball around his fingers, but the palms, squeezing between the brushes.Hands at catching the ball slowly bend at the elbows.It will be a depreciation movement that will extinguish the force of impact.
final phase

took the ball, keep it in the hands bent at the elbows, torso leaning forward slightly.If desired, the ball can be protected from seizure count diluted in the elbow.
to train in the correct catching the ball, use a simple exercise - throwing the ball on the floor or against the wall and catching rebound.These lessons will help achieve an "understanding" of the behavior of the ball, learn how to hold it, to control the position of the body, head and response.Another form of training - to catch the ball and then send it in a couple standing on the ground, and then with a traveling companion.