To learn qualitative jump, need a convenient springboard sufficient slope.Springboard for training can be found in the snow park, as well as, if possible, you can build your own trampoline.Right diving board must be installed on an inclined plane, the surface must be flat and smooth, and the congress from the springboard shall be straight.
If you want to jump on the trampoline was successful, drove up to the springboard, legs slightly bent and back straight.Train drive up to the springboard quickly and accurately without falling
in, and then begins to train jumps.Bent legs, down to the snowboarding springboard for not pushing him and straighten his legs.This rule must be observed in order not to lose your balance.In addition, keep your balance on the board to help the shoulders parallel to the plane of the snowboard.
If you jump into a position perpendicular to the board will not turn the jump and you will land gently.Landing after a jump also need to train - Train and achieve maximum stability of departure, from which depends the stability of landing.The more accurate and correct to the flight from the springboard, the neater you land from a jump.
There are a number of popular tricks, who dream to master novice snowboarders - for example, an ally.To do an ollie, you must push off from the edge of the trampoline, riding up to him to fly above.When the push does not draw in his legs - legs pushes evenly directing effort down.
Looking up from the jump, lift your knees to your chest and then land on bent legs.Once you master the basic techniques of jumping, and after you begin to consistently turn out trick ollie, you can proceed to the development of more complex stunts - Nose & amp;Tail Rolls, Shifties, as well as a variety of rotations and grabs.
execute any trick, remember that the key point trick is performed in the highest point of the jump.