concept of "double-doubleĀ»

double-double - a basketball term, meaning that a player scored in one match in the two figures at least ten points, that is a two-digit number.The indicators can serve points scored, interceptions, blokshoty, that is blocking the throw opponent, scoring rebounds and transmission.For example, 15 block shots and 11 points up a double-double.

double-double very common that you can always hear on radio and television by the commentators and by the end of the match.In the history of the NBA basketball federation leaders in the number of double-double of the club are the players, "Utah Jazz" John Stockton and Karl Malone.First he made for the 1985/86 season's 709 points and transmission combinations, and the second - 811 combinations of po

But that's not all.There is a concept of "triple-double" and "Kvadrupl-double", which are less common, but are also considered.


triple-double means a player has scored in three figures two-digit number of items.For the first time the term was used in the NBA to the Magic Johnson - record holder in the playoffs.

triple-double - a measure versatile as a player.The most difficult part is to make a two-digit number of items in interceptions, an absolute record which is only 11 points.And after that it was registered only 19 such cases since 1973.Also blokshoty uncommon in the NBA - 130 cases in 36 years.

most difficult triple-double was made by Alvin Robertson in 1986, according to the scheme-fits-transmission interceptions.


dialing a two-digit number of points in 4 figures, a basketball player makes kvadrupl-double.This phenomenon is very rare and is an indication of the incredible talent of the player.

Kvadrupl double-became possible only after 1973, when they began to consider the interception and blokshoty.Since there were only 4 kvadrupl-double.They made Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson.

addition, the eight known cases where the coveted kvadrupl-double not enough 1 point indicator.

Make kvadrupl-double not in tournaments NBA is very difficult, because the NBA lasted 48 minutes, and other tournaments for only 40 minutes.However, such cases are known, and among our players and players from other countries in the youth leagues.

While there is no next step after kvadrupl-doubles, but maybe in the future, one of the outstanding players will make the four double-digit figure and the term appears.