consulting child

Before giving your son or daughter in the sports school, whether in basketball, gymnastic or chess, and start to see the home star would be nice to talk to teachers, sports doctors and by the child.Unfortunately, often desire a girl or a boy, their data and sporting opportunities radically at odds with the dreams of adults.If you choose basketball as the future of the sport in advance to be sure to understand and assess the health risks.For basketball, with all its entertainment and beauty, quite dynamic, rigid and power sport where physical data are greatly appreciated.

When to start

Recommended age for the start of classes in basketball - 8-9 years.This is not forbidden a little earlier to learn to swim and jump, the normal exercise gymnastics to train coordination and stamina, plenty to run with the ball and without the ball.All this in a world of large sport called PFD (general physical training).Preliminary exercises allow the child to come into the room is a little prepared, help is easier to take exercise and avoid injury.But it is important not to tire out the young players do not start immediately to demand immediate and accurate throws wins.Moreover, the experts recommend to train and play until the age of 14, not more than four times a week.

Where to start

Theoretically, you can start at home or on the street.Basketball in fact considered to be a fairly simple townsfolk game to practice where only needed a ball and a ring on the shield.A master maintenance and shots from any distance is acceptable even on your own or under the supervision once played pope.But a more promising option is still stable attendance in school basketball coaches at present, as a rule, the recent pro.Pros such training - improving personal skills, skills games in the team (after a basketball game 5x5), the opportunity to have a childhood soak competitive spirit and play with real opponents.

What price

If at the start of training the trainers approach to juvenile students with a sufficient degree of leniency, mainly studying and assessing their prospects, then over time they start and a serious selection.The junior and youth basketball are the most prepared, tall and physically strong players, to learn not to just run around and throw the ball.Young men and women must be able to play, seeing partners and competitors, high enough to rise into the air above the ground and shields, just throw out any provisions to fight for the ball, to master the art of dribbling and speed transmission.

Leave the childhood

most difficult moment for the pupil school basketball, this is the completion of study.The realities of the modern Russian basketball is such that the basis of the best teams make upscale foreigners.Therefore, it is important to choose the juniors: strive to grow to a professional or opt for a different path.You can, for example, go to the minor league club, or go to college and start to act in the student league.And it is possible, in the same "pivot from the sky," to have an affair.Then finish with sports, singing voice of Alla Pugacheva "Love to blameĀ» ...