If a man suddenly starts growing breasts or she acquires a female shape, you should immediately consult your doctor to diagnose the condition.
Experts distinguish between two kinds of gynecomastia: true and false.False gynecomastia can be easily removed in the office of a plastic surgeon or in the gym, because this issue is extremely excessive body weight and body fat in the chest.
To eliminate external manifestations rather go on a diet after consulting a dietitian, and spend as much time at the gym in the hall.Of course it may be a problem with sagging skin, which eventually will
have to decide in the office of a plastic surgeon.
those who want a quick effect can recommend liposuction in conjunction with plastic surgery skin tightening.However, the resulting effect is exactly the same need to be supported by training and dieting.
True gynecomastia is the result of hormonal disorders and requires long treatment specialists.To diagnose the state will have to visit several doctors, including breast physician, endocrinologist and surgeon, who will appoint the appropriate treatment.The main problem is that in true gynecomastia in the male breast is beginning to develop breasts, which ultimately can lead to breast cancer.Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor at the first sign since the early stages, the disease is easily treated with medication, and with their help it is possible to quickly stabilize hormones.In the later stages of the disease can be cured only by surgery, which is an additional burden on the patient.