How was invented basketball

Invention precursor of modern basketball facilitated cold winter 1891 in the US state of Massachusetts.Springfield College Students Youth Christian Association were forced to engage in physical exercise in the gym.

At that time, the only kind of sports activities in the room was gymnastics, which rather quickly bored young people.Wanting to shake up his players, and a physical education teacher James Naismith invented the anatomy of a ball game, suitable for small spaces.He took a couple of baskets of peaches under and tied them to the opposite edge of the balcony, which was over the whole gym.

Then Naismith divided the group into two teams of nine people and invited them to the competition, which consists in throwing balls in the basket
opponents.Thus, James Naismith, not only for their students found interesting to do, but also wrote his name into the history of world sports.The first basketball game took place on December 21, 1891. In 1936, basketball was included in the Summer Olympics, held in Berlin.The opening game was present James Naismith.

game development

Basketball Naismith rules were published in 1892 in the newspaper that published the Springfield College.In the same year there was a book with the rules of the game that have undergone a significant change to the present time.The rules Naismith was only thirteen points, regulating the traffic on the site, the methods of throwing the ball, the principle of the scoring and determining violations and punish them.For example, according to these rules, players generally can not move the ball around, and were forced to pass it on to members of his team from the place. Many basketball rules have changed, but not the height of mounting rings.Like a hundred and twenty years ago, they are located at a height of 3 meters 5 centimeters from the floor.It was such a distance from the floor of the gym in Springfield to a side balcony.

first professional basketball team appeared at the beginning of the XX century in the United States, but the problem was the lack of a centralized organization that would deal with the improvement of the rules, the promotion of the game, training of judges.The first attempt to create such an association was made in 1898, but this association lasted very long.

only in 1937 established the National Basketball League, united in 1949 with the Basketball Association of America, which resulted in the created world famous NBA - National Basketball Association, to get to that dream of many basketball players of the world.