Follow all stretching exercises only after a good workout.It is necessary to warm the muscles and ligaments, making them more flexible.To warm up, you can take a short jog, jump on the rope, or simply execute any simple gymnastic complex.
Stand with your right hand at shoulder level, hold the stable support, for example, the door jamb.Follow Mahi straight left leg, trying to lift his leg as high as possible, do not bend at the waist and lower your head.After completing 10-12 swings, turn to support other side and do the right leg swings.
Stand right side tow
ards the support of the chair.Drop down into a low lunge.Right foot - forward, bent at the knee.Try to keep the knee does not go beyond the line of the toes.Left leg straight back.Slightly podpruzhinivaya, lower into a squat, pushing the toes of the left foot farther.Should stretch muscles of the front surface of the left thigh.Help yourself to keep a balance, keeping the right hand on the chair seat.Do not bend your back or lean forward.When the voltage becomes maximum, stay for 20-30 seconds and gently climb.Then do the stretching for the right leg.
Lie on your back on a gym mat.Pull your chest to the knee of the left leg and grab the ankles.Hold the leg hands, try to straighten it fully.The right leg is straight on the mat, bend it at the knee.Under overvoltage Hold for 20-30 seconds, then do stretching the other leg.When you straighten the leg easily, start to pull it as close as possible to the head.It must be stretched hamstring.
After these exercises, an attempt is made to sit on the forward split, go down as low as possible, help yourself to keep his balance, resting his hands on the floor.The lowest point is delayed by 20-30 seconds, a little podpruzhinivaya.Climb out of this situation very carefully and smoothly.
Stand left side at arm's length to any stable horizontal support.Put on her left leg straight.Slowly bend and try to reach out your hands to toes of the right foot.Try to drop as low as possible the entire body and pull him to the tribe of the supporting leg.Feel the tension of the muscles and ligaments of the inner thigh.Hold at the bottom.Then, slowly straighten and bend the right leg at the knee.Sit down as low as you can.Keep your back straight.Change the foot and repeat the slope and squat.This exercise is to perform well on the Swedish side, gradually increasing the height of the instep.
Sit on the floor.Widely spread your legs straight.Lower the body as low as possible and drag the hands forward.Gradually increase the distance between the toes, and the body sank lower, trying to touch the breast sex.At the lowest point linger.
Stand up straight with your legs as wide as possible.To keep your balance, put in front of a chair or stool and stick him with his hands.Gradually dilute the straight leg to the side, lowering hips as low as possible.Keep your body straight.