you need
  • - sports uniforms
  • - sneakers
  • - Player
To learn how to run long distances, for example, for 3 km, you just need to do it.Run regularly - this is the way to success.Start small: just run in a calm pace as much as allows breathing and endurance.Usually, an untrained person can not withstand more than 1 km.Each day runs a little more, at least 100m.And after some time, the goal is reached.
When you run, the most important thing - even breathing.Do not start with a quick tempo.Run slowly, but so that the breath does not get off.At first, it will not turn out, but after a few workouts you'll be able to run, and your breath will not get of
f.Faster if you want it, at the end of the race.
running the company - not the best idea.You might think that the company will be more fun, but in reality, to talk while running still will not work, but to catch up with someone - not a pleasant one, but certainly the way it comes out.So train in solitude.
Run at a convenient time.It is believed that you need to run in the morning, but this mode is not for everyone.People react differently to the earlier time of day, and if someone in the morning feeling strong enough, while others prefer a quiet run in the evening.
Do not be lazy.The first few days you will keep the enthusiasm, but over time it will begin to fade.Remember that the first missed jogging - a way to end the run.So you will not achieve the result, do not learn to run even at 3 km.
counted achievements.Every day run a little further and be proud of yourself.It is very stimulating for further results.
not necessarily run every day, but you need to exercise regularly.Best 2-3 times per week.Since your muscles on one side are used to the load, on the other, will have time to recover for a day of rest.
run best on the street, not in the training room.Purchase a player, create yourself a good playlist.From time to time it updated, including new music.Change of scenery, seasons and counter people and the music will not let you get bored while jogging.
Pick comfortable clothes for jogging.If you feel uncomfortable because of the shoes, or any subject of fitness, buy another.You should be comfortable and pleasant exercise.