Our habits in dealing with people in the habit of moving the body.Someone used to frown doubt, resent - you should look to the people and see how the voltage is fixed on their face: frown, pursed lips and narrowed eyes.Sometimes it is difficult to get rid of stress, even if the person is aware of it.
voltage occurs due to the constant stress on our body and mind.Try to change the way of life, spend more time on yourself, your rest and relaxation.Get in the habit every night to take a hot bath at least 10 minutes.Couples air beneficial to the skin and release stress.In the bath or in bed after a hard day, cover your eyes, but do not close them completely.Just release the muscles , support forever.Slowly pass focus point by point.Relax your cheeks and ears and scalp.Note Do not clamped forehead muscles, relaxed whether the point between the eyebrows.Relax muscles around the eyes and calm eyes, stopping them in one place.Mentally go to the nose.Fix attention on the tip of the nose, then relaxing the nose and nostrils.Relax your upper and lower lip, tongue, lower jaw.All of your face as a fixed frozen mask.You feel like a breath on the cold air passes through the nostrils and exhale it is heated, a thin trickle tickling his upper lip.Imagine how the light and radiance streamed across the face, with every breath out tension from your body. your muscles are so relaxed that though running down his face.Repeat this exercise every evening.Pre-tighten the muscles with all his might distort the face, hold your breath for a few seconds, and with a loud exhalation release tension.
Do acupressure face before applying makeup in the morning, in the evening before going to sleep, or even at lunchtime.Try to relax and not think about nothing.Start massaging the tense areas in the following order:
1 point between the eyebrows;
2 on the nose inner corners of eyes.Lightly rub up and down the area between the points 1-2;
3 outer edges of the upper eyelid - under the eyebrows;
4 outer corners of the eyes;
5 central points under the eyes: four fingers massage the cheeks, turning them to the temples;
6 massage his forehead from a point above the center of the eyebrows to the hairline;
7 from the hairline to the temples;
8 from the temples, take the hair growth, rising behind the ears;
9 massage from the center of the mouth under the nose to the corners of the lips;
10 point at the base of the skull on the back of the neck.Move from there to the ears with light patting movements;
11 Center chin beneath the lower lip;
12 all face, patting gently with your fingertips.
Once a week do baths face with aromatic oils.Pick oil to your skin type, taking into account individual preferences.Dissolve in boiling water a few drops of essential oil of lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, patchouli, or any other oil with a calming effect.Observe the dosage of oil, this information is always written in the instructions.Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the aromatic steam for a few minutes.Do not use the cream for the face this evening.
Be constantly mindful.Watch your face, as well as posture.As soon as you remember about it, relaxes the muscles .Gradually, it will have a habit.Calm expression face and a slight smile will help you cope with the difficulties.