Tip 1: How to lace up hockey skates

Well laced a pair of hockey skates is a guarantee of a comfortable ride.Of course, if you're bad zashnuruete horse, it does not mean that when driving on ice you have it fly off and rolled away nowhere.But to sit at the foot of it will be bad, and it can affect your speed, in a game like hockey, is crucial.
This seemingly easy case, there are some nuances.There are rules that will win you a few seconds to the point where it will be necessary to accelerate.
should carefully approach the selection of laces.Choose from nylon laces, it's the best option.They tend to be stretched by a few millimeters.The properties are similar to conventional rubber band that will not relax lace-up shoes.
Like stringing hockey skates
pinching method should be chosen for one pair of skates.It is advisable to lace from outside to inside.So we are creating pressure on the tongue of the skate.Lacing very tight before the bend of the foot (just above the ankles), further weakening a little lace.This is done for free fold foot during runnin
g or in other emergency situations that require a sharp bend of the foot.For here is not to make a mistake, you should crouch per second pair of holes (hooks), so we know that is not too tight lacing.
Like stringing hockey skates
finished lacing skates can be checked.In a well-laced pair of skates you can not stick your finger under the laces.You have turned out that way, then you have succeeded.
Like stringing hockey skates
As practice shows, the most comfortable skates with laces hooks than with holes.
When the uppermost lace hooks cord should start from the top down.Thus, a loop that gives a great tension lacing.
Like stringing hockey skates

Tip 2: How to lace up the skates

your new skates pleasing to the eye, and you are waiting impatiently when the first time in his life go to the rink.But skates - not the usual shoes and their obuvaniem may have some difficulty.First of all, you need to learn how to lace up the skates .
How to lace skates
Skates cord upwards.Do not hurry, do everything slowly, and the result will make you happy.
in the toe of the shoe lace skates with the same force with which you are lacing casual shoes.
is followed up zone.Here it is necessary to tighten the laces tighter as possible.It is in this part of the foot should be well fixed in order to avoid injuries of the ankle.
In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtension force laces hooks can slightly weaken again.Hooks invented to facilitate the lacing around the upper part of the leg.You just slips under the string hook and pull up slightly - lace slips to the right place him.
laced hooks, several times, wrap the remaining ends of the laces around the foot and tie tightly.
Before the first skating recommended several times pereshnurovat skates.Then they will sit tight on the leg.
Helpful Hint
By properly laced skates impossible to slip even a little finger.But do not overdo it, otherwise the leg might freeze.
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