But, firstly, the harder we have something to hide, the more it is something attracting the attention of others.And secondly, and who told you that legs , are not up to the accepted standard, so terrible.In fact, it is your zest, and you should be proud of their identity.
So raise self-esteem, now to business.Crucially you will, by itself, does not change, but visually you can do a lot.Athletic Gymnastics adjust the shape of the legs at the appropriate exercises and optimal number of repetitions.
For example, in reducing the amount of hip by burning fat creates the effect of elasticity.It is also possible, conversely, to increase muscle mass.This allows you to change the so-called 0- and X-shaped.
first 2-3 weeks of each exercise should be done for 5-10 times.Later, at 15-20 times.Over time,
the fullness of the legs will start to fade, thin legs , on the contrary, popolneyut.The muscles of the hips and lower legs get stronger, and legs will look slimmer and straighter.
There are several exercises for what would be your legs steel straight .Exercise One: Lie on your back, stretch your legs and pull the socks over.Then spread your fingers and do the same.Exercise repeat 15-20 times.
Exercise Second position is the same as that for the first time.Press down on the floor legs extended straight , then slightly bending the knees, relax them.This exercise should be repeated 10 times.
Exercise three: lying on his back, feet on the floor produce movement back and forth.Use your fingers to try to capture the mat.This exercise, do 15 times.
fourth exercise: the same position as in previous times.Hands of the sides, the palm rest on the floor.Straining, pull socks stretched over the first leg, and then away.Make all the same, only raising his feet 10-15 cm from the floor.
Exercise five: the same position.Hands behind his head.Slightly lift the legs , pull socks and a few seconds fix this provision.Exercise repeat 10 times.