To begin remember the old, good rope.We need to make every day a hundred double jumps, but if this is difficult for you - do not overload yourself, do as you can.Just increase the number of jumps each time, and you will soon pump up your legs.
One of the most effective exercises - this "pistols", it involves almost all groups of muscles of the legs.With one leg forward, crouch.Do twenty "pistol" on each leg every day and after a couple of months you will not recognize your feet.So tighten the back and buttocks.If you do this exercise seriously, just squat without stretching legs.
next exercise, which will help pump up the girl's legs - it attacks.Stand up straight, if necessary, keep a chair for your balance.Bend your knee and bring it to his chest, then take a small step forward.Be sure that the knee is not the foot moves forward.Then return the knee to the chest again.By doing this exercise ten times for one leg, repeat the same thing for another.
When you feel that the force is now enough for heavier exercises to pump up the legs, then go to the gym.Many believe that the calf muscle pump is possible only with a barbell or weighting, and after all this muscle is one of the most prominent, and if it is too thin, it is necessary to hide under jeans.Just waiting for you at the gym is another good friend - a bike.Neglected parts of it is not worth it, because after a few kilometers a day on it will bring you to the desired inflated feet.