first be trained to carry out two preparatory exercise: - Almost crouching, jumping up and fully straighten the body and pull the arms up - Again, jump up, but with the group: immediately after the shocklegs push knees closer to her shoulders, and lower the front of the landing legs.
practice jumps, go to training flip ago.Please get up to the starting position: Slightly bent down, bend your knees (only slightly), lower your arms and some take them back.
How can stronger push off from the floor, and at the same time make a powerful swing of his arms up (this is the most important factor in the perf
ormance of the reception).Immediately after the legs straighten up with arms raised.Although you'll have to straighten up just for a moment.
correctly performing the above steps, you can easily take a turn back.To do this, you will need to regroup: bent legs push the body and hold their hands.Eyes without cover - you have full control of your position in space.
If you look straight down the middle by himself, during the turn you need to start doing ungrouping when you see the floor, being in the moment is perpendicular to your view.So, press on the chest legs, then gently bending, landed right on the socks.Keep a balance.To prevent damage to the joints, do not land on the straightened leg.
That's all manual.Do not be afraid to do a somersault ago.First let instinct take over and save you up, overpower you.And then it will be easier once you understand what to do somersaults ago not terrible.