you need
  • stick, puck, ice.
principle is simple clicks.It is necessary to force a club to hit puck.Washer, put into the opponent's click, top speed, when compared with other types of shots.But on the other hand, click - it's not the most accurate shot.Here, the main role is played by the factor of impact force the puck.Mastering of
click start from a stationary position.Click
performed from a position half-turned to the direction of the puck.Slightly bend your knees and place them slightly wider shoulders for stability.The body slightly tilted forward.Washer is located on the side, slightly ahead.A putter grip, to give maximum strength cast.Hand taps, located close to the hook as possible back.
With force straighten the arm, helping the body motion, like "twisting" the body.At a time when the club is close to the washer, you need to hit it on the ice, and then stick hits the puck.Blow stick on the ice is required, as during slashing deformed and stores additional energy.
After hitting the ice hockey stick unbent before telling puck additional acceleration.Hitting the puck, accompany her near to the hook hand, directing the target.Be sure to try to send the puck to where your aiming.If the puck flew like a bullet - a click is made!