you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - newspapers and magazines;
  • - TV;
  • - radio.
Euro 2012 will be the 14th championship, held under the auspices of UEFA.It will bring together 16 teams from different countries that have passed the qualifying round.Moreover, the European championship this year will be the last tournament, which involved a number of teams - in the summer of 2016 they will have 24. Another feature of Euro 2012 is the fact that the competition will be held simultaneously in Poland and Ukraine.
Today we know the schedule of matches of the championship.The easiest and fastest way to find out about it - take the help of internet.At the request of the same name in any search engine displ
ays a lot of sites that have this information.The first match of the tournament, for example, will take place on June 8 in Warsaw between the national teams of Poland and Greece.And two hours later will host the first game the Russian national team, which will compete against the Czech Republic.Playing to win in the finals will be held in the Ukrainian capital on July 1.
Learn about the schedule of newspapers and magazines sports subjects.Some of them have already been published on the pages of lists of commands separated into groups in the tournament, and the date of the games of Euro 2012. The rest will make it closer to the beginning of the championship.
watch sports broadcasts on television.There's also talk about future games, time and live the city, which will host the match.In addition, after each game you can get the sports highlights of the game and learn about the situation in the European Championship and the chance between Russia and Ukraine to become the winners of the tournament.
Listen to the radio.Sports News during the World Cup will never pass by this event.Of these, you can also learn about upcoming games, teams scored points and the overall picture of the tournament.With this information, you will not miss any important match and be always aware of everything that concerns such a grand event like Euro 2012.