Concentrate on motocross training.To successfully overcome the distance of one kilometer, you need a good supply of speed endurance.Endurance comes only after cross tempo and hard training at the stadium.That is, you do not just need to run a training session for 1 5, 7 or 10 km away and make the acceleration of 300-500 meters to go the distance.They should be at least 5-7.This is to ensure that the heart was getting used to the limit forces.Also, it will help you accelerate while overcoming competitive distance.
Implement sprint intervals into your training process.In addition to endurance, you will need the skills of acceleration of which is, in fact, consist of a distance of 1 kilometer.Athletes are not waiting for a very long time in this race, so y
ou need to be ready for this.Runs through the stadium at least 200 m, 10-12 times in a good competitive pace.Think of all the time that you finishiruete.Then the rate will increase several times.
mash well before the start.On the eve of the race spend a good workout.It should consist of a light jog (1-2 km), the general warm-up and special running exercises.Do not forget to make some good long-term acceleration in the 60-100 m. Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to start the race.
Stick to a strategy.After the starting signal, do not tear at once lead the crowd of runners behind him, hoping to get away from the start.Make it virtually impossible, as you will encounter a wind that will lead to a very rapid fatigue.Do not rely on this step, even if you are confident in their abilities.
Stay around the middle, as from the "tail" of attack is also very difficult.After about 500-600 m matched to the leading group.It is advisable to begin finishing acceleration for 200 meters before the end of the race.Laid out in full and do not let yourself get around on the inner radius.If you did everything right, you will have a great chance of winning.