When choosing a name for a hockey team guided by the children's or adult, this team plays professionally or refers to the amateur category.For each type of special teams should choose names that are as accurate as they approached.For example, a children's hockey team may be called "Eaglet", but at the same time for an adult is the name of the approach will be gone.
One way of selecting the name associated with the place where the team plays.This may be the name of the city (or another location).Firstly, the name command immediately make clear its origin, and secondly, it is very memorability.For example, "Kursk", "Tambov" and "Vladivostok" clearly indicate that from this team.Of course, the name is more appropriate for those planning to travel to matc
hes in other regions.
geographical component can also be expressed in the title of the same name with a certain area of ​​the city - formal or informal.This identification of the place of residence is suitable for teams participating in the matches, mostly in the city.Examples include the "Printers", "Fili", etc.
Another option - the team name, contact your local natural attractions.This can be a river, lake, mountains.This is the name of the hockey team and will give it a certain geographical color.Examples include the "Neva", "Baikal", "Onega" and others.
hockey team may carry the name of one of the representatives of the animal world.Quite popular (and still beautiful) name associated with birds of prey animals.For example, "Hawk", "Falcon".At the same time it can be extended and the geographical component - "Amur tiger", "Siberian Swifts" and others.
name for the team can be selected on the basis of the professional activities of its players.For example, the team may be called metallurgicheskogozavoda "Metallurg" or "Metallist", the employees of the railway industry successfully perform under the name of "Locomotive".