diving should be preceded by ground training.It is necessary to advance work coordinating movement, make sure that you have no fear of heights.
key to a successful jump into the water is a well-trained vestibular system, the ability to control his body in the air.This is achieved by acrobatics: jumping over a horse, goat, lots of somersaults on gymnastic mats.
Remember the main phases of the jump in the water.There are only four: the approach, push, flight and entry into the water.The easiest way is considered to dismount from the front rack feet caved in, the people it is called leap "soldier."
If you start to learn diving in the pool, it will look like this: Go to the front edge of the board, to stand in
the rack "quietly."The body in this straight, hands at his sides, his chin raised, feet joined and parallel to each other, toes grab the edge of the board.At the back of the line should be slightly bent at the knees and sharply produce repulsion from the board in the direction forward and upward.
When flying in the air necessary to keep the body upright, slightly arching back, head raised.Joining the water should be at right angles to its surface without a large amount of spray.To do this during a jump is not necessary to look at his feet, and try to focus on land-based subjects.
If exercise dismount with repulsion at once does not work, then we can start the development of diving with the recession, that is, passive downs.The starting position of the body is the same as that in the first case.Only instead of repulsion is slow slope that goes into decline.The moment when the head position is lower than the body, the heel should go up, feet stretched out in a straight line.The fall in the water produced at the back straight, arms extended to the water entering the angle of 70-80 degrees.
If the fear of jumping on their own can not be overcome, ask for help from a more experienced colleague.At first, you can practice jumping pairs, holding hands.Jumping in pairs relieve emotional stress, and after a couple of sessions, you can easily jump into the water without assistance.