Anyone who dreams of expressive cheekbones and lean aristocratic oval, exercises to help the relief face.Like any muscle, you need to swing cheekbones gradually, gradually increasing the load.

complex every day

Exercises should be performed twice a day - morning and evening.This facial gymnastics takes a minimum of time, but it will bring significant benefits.

To get rid of traces of fatigue on your face, you need to take a deep breath, concentrating the air for cheeks.The person should look like a tight balloon.Lips while tightly closed, his hands are on her cheeks, fingertips touch the ears.Now you need to press your hands on the cheeks, without letting the air out of his mouth.

Fold his lips and tongue pre
ssure on the inside of the cheek, as if stretching the muscles.Ensure that the mouth did not open.Stretch cheeks in turn for 30 seconds.Exercise kneads the muscles of the face.

This exercise is similar to the previous one.Only now stretched from the inside cheek is not the language, and the mass of air collected in the mouth.

Now you need to open up your mouth, pulling her lips to the teeth.Put your hands on the cheeks and lightly hold his palms upward.Lips and cheeks are tense all the time.Run until your facial muscles get tired.

Lay the thumb on the cheek and force muscles to lift it up.Finger constantly create resistance.

Extended complex

Inflate cheeks without surgery help of a set of two exercises Bodyflex.The first is called "The Lion".It is necessary to pull his lips so that they resemble a small letter "O".Her eyes roll, fixing them up, with the top of the head.At the same time you need to stretch the face in different directions - the forehead and upper cheeks to pull the ceiling, and the lower jaw and lips - to the floor.Ensure that the mouth did not open.

second exercise "grimace".Standing upright, push the lower jaw forward to repartition, throw back his head and his lips pull up, as if kissing the ceiling.Shoulders during exercise should be lowered down.

Complicated facial gymnastics is complemented by endurance exercise.Required delay mouth corners muscle strength in the direction of the ears so as to expose as much as possible of the teeth.The forehead without wrinkle.Sitting so, straining the muscles of the cheeks until they ache.

Now, take a pencil and hold it between the upper lip and nose.For some time until enough strength to go to the subject, doing other exercise or doing household chores.Every day increases the duration of exercise.