This sensational statement due to the numerous scandals of match-fixing, which has been applied for several years in the shadow of the Italian football.In these games with coaches, players or more team members agree in advance on the specific outcome of the match.Most often, for a sum of money.

Last year alone, more than 30 people were arrested on suspicion of organizing such games, and the investigators of the case revealed suspicious results 33 games.It is noteworthy that before suspicion falls on the players who are involved in the lower division teams.

Recently, however, the participants of match-fixing have been identified and the Azzurri.Another scandal took place a week before the UEFA EURO 2012 held in Poland and Ukraine.At this time
under suspicion were just two players against Italy - Domenico Criscito, who plays for the St. Petersburg "Zenith", and Leonardo Bonucci.Then they, of course, was expelled from the Italian team.

representatives of Italian media believe that the situation with the match-fixing can lead to the fact that some Italian teams can lose points in the fight for the title and be translated into a lower divisions.A similar situation has happened with the football club "Juventus" in 2006.

According to Mario Monti, the ban on football matches in Italy for 2-3 years will help the country survive the match-fixing scandal.And also avoid a situation where football will gain fraudulent manner.This proposal is only a formality, expressing only his opinion about the situation in football.

However, the head football clubs received a hostile reception to the statement of the Prime Minister.In their view, such a measure can not just leave without a job many people associated with the sport, but also in general to destroy the Italian football.