handstand on elbows much easier to perform than a handstand.It can be considered as a preparatory exercise for the more advanced.This exercise is especially important for those who prefer to exercise with their weight.It helps to feel good body, strengthens the muscles, making a slim figure.

rack trains on the elbows back, feet, and is developing a static sense of balance.At run time, the blood rushes to the upper body, which helps to improve health, strengthen the circulatory system.Legs thus begin to relax after a long day.

preparatory stage

Not everyone will be able to immediately get into a rack on the elbows and stand for at least a few seconds.To get started, try to stand on his head resting on his hand.If this exercise is difficult given, can be relied feet against the
wall, back to practice.At the same time follow the position of the legs - they must be straight, at the foot extended and in contact with each other.

After headstand without the support of the wall will be given easily, you can try to get on his elbows.It is also the first times you can rely on the wall, to feel which muscles are involved and catch more than a feeling, which should be the fulcrum.

Related exercises

to do a handstand was easier, you need to prepare the body for static loads.To do this, push-ups from the floor, to catch up on the bar, rock press.During such training is activated and back.When you exercise, make sure that the feet were straight, keep good posture.

Perfectly helps push-ups in handstand.This foot rest against the wall to keep the stand and not fall.If you can be wrung out at least seven times, the forces will be enough to stand on his elbows minute or more.

What to look for in the initial stages

first training follow the position of the feet.Socks stretched, feet are connected.Some believe that it is more for aesthetics, but try to bend the legs and feet to separate and understand that in this case it is easier to keep the balance, but the back gets the extra load.When elongated toes harder to balance, but it is more effective for the development of the organism.

should also pay attention to the frankness feet.Straight leg - the key to a uniform load distribution on the whole body.Moreover, if you start to bend the legs, you can lose your balance.When the stand on the elbows will provide easy, you can try to raise the legs to the side, as if performing a cross-twine.

torso - the most important component of the proper exercise.You should feel a light load on the press.The lower back is also present load, to keep the balance.That is why in the early stages it is important to pump up your abdominal muscles.

reception elbows require tension in the shoulder girdle.In addition, involving the back, press, leg, neck.Therefore, you should warm up before exercise.It is also important to carry out its relaxed, enjoying.These exercises are intended to relax the nervous system, to give rest to the lower extremities, to supply oxygen to the brain.