nutritionists and fitness trainers are confident that folds framing armpits, it is not overweight, but just not enough developed chest muscles and biceps.A similar problem occurs in humans, most of the time working on the computer and watching posture.Because of this disturbed the flow of blood to the tissues and form unsightly rolls at hand.Therefore, remove the fat from the underarms only help special exercises, not a diet.

How to deal with the problem every day

to armpits look toned, you need to perform a few simple daily exercises.For example, when a long time sitting at your desk, take time to warm up.Stand up, stretch, do the rotation shoulders and arms.If space allows, do a few push-ups, at least from a chair or on the couch.In addition, durin
g the working day watch posture, try to lower against the backrest and use more muscle corset back.

Ideal will enroll in swimming or shaping, you can attend after work.If this is not possible, remove the fat from the armpits helps set of basic exercises are easy to do at home.

most effective exercises

first exercise is done with a small ball or cushions.Stand erect, feet shoulder width apart, hold the ball outstretched arms forward.Rhythmically squeeze hands resilient surface for a minute, feeling tense biceps and pectoral muscles.Then repeat the steps above your head with your hands, then - with the elbow in front of chest.

Equally effective is stretching towels.Take a piece of elastic fabric with both hands at a distance of 0.5 m and slowly stretch it to the side.Keep the shoulders remained motionless.The endpoint lock tense hand for 1 minute, then relax for 10 seconds.Then do the exercise, raising his hands above his head straight.Repeat at least 5 times.

following exercise is taken from yoga."Dolphin Pose" - so it is said - great not only strengthens the armpits, and biceps muscles oblique press and corset.Stand in the position of strips parallel to the floor - lean on your elbows, divorced shoulder width apart, hands locked in the castle, feet together, feet Abut on tiptoes.On the exhale slowly lift your pelvis completely straightening your knees.Hold the top of one inhalation and exhalation, and then sank back into plank pose.Keep the heel constantly on the same level.It is better to stretch the feet against the wall or sofa.

Once started fighting with pleats in the armpits, you will understand that the results are visible from the very first sessions.Just do not throw the training and follow a bearing.