Choose the length of the putter, guided the growth of the player.If you put it vertically, the handle should be located roughly between the nose and the chin.This measurement is carried out without taking into account the height of skates for normal human growth.
If you choose a club that is suitable in all respects, but it's a little longer than you need, then just file off it so that it became a perfect fit for the growth of man.Still, try to choose the projectile as a hockey player may be more appropriate, as if to cut a portion of the han
dle, it increases its rigidity.This parameter affects the playing characteristics.
Choose a stick in accordance with the grip, which plays a hockey player - he is left or right, depending on which hand the owner of the club is located below.If a person has never played and do not know your grip, for example, if you buy a child a stick, then, to define it, ask for a hockey player to take two hands mop.The hand that is at the bottom, defines the direction of the grip.
essential factor when choosing a putter is the shape of the bend of the hook.If the stick is selected for the child, then the very first you can even buy and do not bend.As quickly becomes clear which hand it is more convenient to play as well, time will wait until the child himself determine its role.Bend defines a number of technical issues: maintenance, throw transfer washer.Depending on the technology, the athletes selected bend under him, guided by the preferred style of play.
addition to size, a large role in the selection of convenient club playing material from which it is made.There are wooden models there are plastic and carbon fiber.The most expensive and qualitative - of composite materials.Such a projectile is characterized by high strength and constant playing characteristics.Lack of composite sticks have only one: they are very expensive.