Before training to carry out any more or less complex element, learn to keep his balance on the ice to accelerate, turn and slow down.Well if you know a few ways of movement (the so-called "steps").
Start training rotation in place, without overclocking.First, relax and keep your arms to your chest.Lean on the outside edge of your skate.Few sit down, and then push off foot to the side edges, which relies on.Get pretty good and confident rotation in place before embarking on a more complex rotation in motion.
If you want to learn how to spin on skating , without stopping the movement as a profess
ional figure skaters, remember that there are important each of precipitates element, namely the approach, entry, self rotation andleaving.
Start with working out a smooth approach to the implementation of the element.For beginners it is recommended movement in the forward direction - to the outside, where the traces of skates, an incomplete circle clockwise.When approaching, it is important to have a smooth glide and keep your posture to get a natural rotation, and your training to the element was not noticeable.
entrance is the most important and most difficult stage of the element because when done correctly, hold the rotation will be pretty simple.At the entrance you have to slightly change the direction of your movement in the opposite direction, that is, if you are moving in a clockwise direction, start smoothly move against it.It is important to keep the foot on which you will build during the rotation, bent to the point, until you start to spin stably.Rotation at the entrance creates a thrust of his legs before the start and subsequent blunder free hands and feet.
At rotation is important to maintain the position of your body.If you decide to perform an element of "swallow", then lean on the entire length of the ridge, and if you make a "spinning top" - only on the front part.
In order to smoothly get out of the rotation and fall, it is necessary to make a good exit from the preceding ungroup.Follow the reverse order that you made at the entrance, that is, spread your arms and free leg to the side, the supporting leg slightly bent - it will reduce the speed and give you stability.Now change the pace - lean to the one that used to be free and do push the second leg.If you did everything correctly, you will rotate through inertia, you can smoothly enter and exit this item and your movement on the ice will appear united and harmonious.