bench press - basic exercise to work out the chest muscles.It can be performed medium, narrow and wide grip on the horizontal bench on bench obliquely upward and obliquely downward.To pump up the bottom of the chest , to do wide grip bench press on a bench with a slope down 35-45 degrees.To perform inclined bench press, you will need the help of partners, which will be removed from your post and put it back.To do this exercise yourself riskovanno.Esli no specialized bench for the return bench, incline bench is suitable for pumping media.It is
important for the presence of mounting feet.You do not have to slide during the lift.On the inhale lower the bar to the chest closer to the solar plexus.Elbows divorce in hand, cross relative to the torso.Try not to press them to her.So you move the load on the triceps.After touching the breast squeeze the bar up on the exhale.
Dumbbell bench press lying on the bench with a slope down is performed in a wide arc to make maximum use of the pectoral muscles and triceps isolate job.Grip dumbbells from above.Initially, the weights are right above you, touching each other discs.On the inhale dilute dumbbells in hand.Elbows breed "cross" as the bench press.On the exhale - IP
Dips mainly involve the triceps.However, the implementation of push-ups on wide bars helps to load and bottom breast .Pick up the load, allowing you to do push-ups for 8-10 times.Cargo is usually hung on the belt with a belt and a hook on it.As the weight of the load may act or disk.
Pullover does not swing the chest, but helps to expand the volume of the chest and visually enlarge it.It is made with light weight of 8-10 times until you feel tension in the ribs.Running on a flat bench with dumbbells.Lie on your back, head is on the edge of the bench.Dumbbell with both hands around the abdomen and lower chest .On the inhale pull the dumbbell behind your head.On the exhale, return to the initial positionYou can take a pullover and across the article, based on her shoulders alone.Pullover perform better before the bench press and dips - after it.