It involves horizontal swimmer's body, on his stomach.The movement carried out both by hand and by means of legs.And they have to move in a certain synchronicity.
Unlike rabbit or Butterfly, the limbs of the body during movement does not come to the surface of water - they move as if in a way, that is,waving (or divorces) take place in a horizontal plane.

This method allows you to move easily enough to go swimming from beginners to "a dog" is a breaststroke.
to the starting position is necessary to draw the body, bend your elbows so that the hands are near the head and legs bent at the knees: and feet should be apart from each other at a greater distance than the actual knees.
followed by throwing up his hands in a horizontal plane: stroke can be carried out, palms facing each other and rotated out.Following the movement of the hands should follow the straightening of the legs.As a result, for a few seconds swimmer's body should be fully extended, including the straightened leg.
With this breakthrough, the body is able to move for a while, as if gliding without the help of the new movements.When the resistance of the water dampens the movement of the body, you need to go back to the starting position and repeat the corresponding flapping.
head also need to keep in the water, lifting it to a phase where hand after stroke are omitted along the body.As a rule, breathe through your mouth, nose and exhaling respectively.