you need
  • better to train in the gym under the supervision of an experienced instructor.However, a small charge, resulting in muscle tone, can be done at home.To do this, you'll need a dumbbell, as well as sportswear.It is desirable to have a special sports bra.
Begin an exercise program with a mandatory workout.It can be tilted, squatting, etc.Especially do not need to invent anything, remember the physical education classes at school.
One of the most effective exercises for the chest muscles are push-ups.Eventually, you have to per
form at least 20 push-ups in one go.Of course, the best first stop at 10 or 15. If you find it hard to do exercises on the floor, try to do push-ups on the wall.However, make sure that your back is straight, and during the push-ups were directly involved muscles of the chest, not the back or stomach.
Fine strengthen the muscles of the chest exercises with dumbbells.The first of them needs to be done while lying on the floor.Straining chest, lift the dumbbells up.Repeat at least 8 times.
second exercise perform better sitting on a chair.Starting position - you sit with your back straight, hands with dumbbells in front of the chest
th bent elbows pressed to his sides.Now spread your arms to the side of not less than 8 times, with all the elbows must also be pressed to the sides.Then you can pull your elbows on the sides and at least 15 times to dissolve and reduce hand.Please note that they still have to be bent at the elbows.Repeat 2 times.
for the next exercise fold arms as if reading a prayer.Now start with the power to put pressure on the palm.If the chest muscles tighten, it means you are doing the exercises correctly.Count to 10. Then do the exercise again, only slightly pushing your arms forward.Repeat the exercise until you get tired.