Tip 1: How to learn to play hockey

Hockey - one of the most popular team sports games in the world.And in the northern countries and just №1.And, like the others, it has its own peculiarities.
you need
  • skates, stick, helmet shields
Everything of course depends on how professional you want to master this game.But the puck and stick, in any case, be almost identical in weight, so it is very essential question here is protection.
Should you buy a full set of hockey armor - decide for yourself, but a helmet is more a mandatory attribute.
helmets come with a visor, a protective glass, or have neither one nor the other, and cover only the head but not the face.Broken teeth, bruises and black eyes in this game - a frequent phenomenon.So it would be preferable Helmet.
skates, of course, need to buy hockey.Do not cross or curly - do not mix, they differ not only in the name!Note the size - it is the special shoes.You will need to wear socks under them, so do not take the size of the butt.
putter should be selected
on the growth - up to the chin, or, in extreme cases, cut off the excess part only later, at home.
How to learn to play hockey
Downloads, dressed, prepared.
out on the ice.You know how to ride - a big plus.No - it is necessary to comprehend everything from scratch.First, without a stick.Just try to feel the ice, gain confidence.Practising basic movement: acceleration, braking, banking.If you have experience in-line skating, he will help you.
For the first time should not be loaded beyond measure, or later will hurt their feet.Over time, it will pass.
work with the puck.
Learn how to hold a club, select the arm that will perform basic workers movement under the control of the puck and roll, consider the most convenient for you grip: Will the top left hand or right hand.
Practice escape hockey on the hook driving and shifting it.
There are two types of throws: wrist, and with a sweep (or a convenient hand).Actually, it is clear from the title, they are made.
Finally, you can remember about power moves - without them in a serious high-level hockey anywhere.And it is important to be able to use them both, and evade them competently.But for a simple game with friends superfluous injury to anything, so just fight shoulder to shoulder and small bumps may be optimal, safe option.
How to learn to play hockey

Tip 2: How to get a bit of hockey

Once icon athlete arrester almost equated to a medal or the Order.They were proud, wearing his show, he cherished as a real jewel.At a time when even the title of Honored Master of Sports has become something ordinary and special emotions in others does not cause "any" first category does not attract attention.But the concept of sport continues to exist.For example, in hockey.
The captain of the Russian national ice hockey Pavel Datsyuk (right), his first sports category received in the nursery school "Youth"

discharge, still rank

As the Unified All-Russian sports classification in ice hockey, or just hockey, there are three adult category, awarded for enough local achievements on the ice the players have not yet received the status of professionalsand is not acting at the level of the Russian championship. All the most famous Russian hockey professionals have finished and got his first sports categories and awards, training and playing not only in the amateur and domestic clubs, but also in sports teams for children and schools.

So, to be able to have the lowest, third class, hockey-lovers should spend and win in the team at least six matches in the championship of the district.For second-class players need to take the top spot of the table with the participation of the regional tournament at least five teams.Finally, to fulfill the norm of the first category, applicants must not only be able to play hockey, but also to act in the championship of the republic with the participation of not less than eight teams.

Play hockey real professionals!

most realistic way to become an athlete-arrester for the young fan washers and clubs is a long-term training in one of the specialized schools and the performance of official youth national competitions. captain of the Russian national ice hockey team at the 2014 Olympics Pavel Datsyuk in the early 90's he graduated from Yekaterinburg hockey school "Youth", and then moved into the senior team "Dynamo-Energy" and received an invitation to the national team.

third category of sports girls and boys-zhokkeistam awarded for:
1st place in the national championship among teams under the age of 15 years;3rd place among teams of up to 16 years;7-8th - teams of up to 17 and 18 years.
second category is awarded for:
2nd place among teams of up to 16 years;5-6th - teams of up to 17 and 18 years.
first digit is awarded for:
1st place among teams of up to 16 years;2-4 th - among the teams to 17 and 18 years.

add that pervorazryadnikom can also become players, won the championship of the Russian Federation (except for Moscow and St. Petersburg) at the age of 18, the primacy of the Federal District, Moscow and St. Petersburg under the age of 17 years or who became second in thisthe tournament of teams to 18.Also, the first bit is assigned to hockey players acting in the adult championship of Russia, but to play there at least 50% of the official matches.
  • Unified All-Russian sports classification
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