Tip 1: How to make your back flexible

flexibility of the spine - an indicator of youthful body.So believe in the East.And believe not in vain, because the flexibility is good mobility in the joints, which has always been characteristic of the young organism.
Today, not every person, even at a young age can boast of its flexibility back.The reason - lack of exercise.The man began to walk less, and most sit - on school, at work, at home and in the theater or restaurant.A sedentary lifestyle leads to a loss of flexibility and as a result - excess weight, edema, spider veins.
main burden in the human body falls back on , so it's important to do your back flexible.For this there are special exercises that are tailored to balance the load and to improve the elasticity of the ligaments and joint mobility.But you need to perform these exercises regularly, otherwise the flexibility over time will deteriorate.
Ideally, stretching back muscles need to perform, since 13-14 years, otherwise the flexibility already a
t this age begin to decline.
Exercises for flexibility spinyIntensivnost exercise must be monitored.Should feel only a slight voltage myshts.Sest on a chair with a back, feet should reach the floor.Feet to put on the floor, knees - together.Leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the front legs of the chair.Relaxed shoulders and arm muscles straining, slightly pull the body down.Fix this position for 20-30 seconds.Repeat again.
turn.Slowly get up from the chair.Then, stretching his neck, sit on a chair with your back straight.Without moving hips, rotate your upper body to the left and grab the back of the chair with both hands.Head turned to the left and see for yourself back .
Gently rotate the body even further to the left, to help with his left hand, it does not strain your shoulders and neck.You should feel the stretch the muscles on both sides of the trunk.Note thighs - they should not move.Stay in this position 20-3- seconds.The same is done to the right side, then repeat the exercise again.

Tip 2: How to make the back more flexible

To make a flexible back, you need to know what exercises can help it, and how often do.If you persevere, the back muscles will be strengthened, posture becomes king.
How to make the back more flexible

swim and hang

untrained spin can cause curvature of the spine, degenerative disc disease and other troubles.If you can go to the pool, then fine.Water will help exercise the muscles, without overtaxing them.

cope with these problems and make your back more flexible will help the horizontal bar.It can be hung in the doorway of the house or to engage in the hall outside.Grasp the bar with his hands and hang as much as you can.Try it does not strain the muscles and relax them.

Let the first time you will be able to survive in such a situation no more than five seconds, do not despair, the next attempt will be more successful if the deal with every day, without missing a workout.

When osteochondrosis (but not in acute), scoliosis, doctors highly recommended to have a home and do a little horizontal bar several times a day.

stretching and strength exercises

Make your back more flexible classes to help police and stretching exercises.First you need to relieve muscle tension.So walk around 5 minutes, and then dance to the same number.As a result, not only a fun workout muscle will find the right tone and mood rises.

Then start the main part of the workout.For the first exercise, stand on their four limbs - on hands and knees.Imagine yourself a cat.Similarly, the flexible bend the animal's back.It should be a semi-circular.During these bodily manipulation drop your head down.

Now Vaughn back.This should be done slowly, dropping the waist down, and lifting the head up.Start with 7 repetitions, gradually reaching 20.

It's time to rest his back, and during this you can pursue its improvement.Lie back on the mat.Pull your head to one side and your feet - in another.You should feel during this exercise become taller and slimmer.

muscles a rest, you can back up on all fours, but to do more dynamic exercise.Pull your right knee toward the chin, then make a sharp swing back.After five repetitions of the same thing, do the left foot.

Time to get up and pick up small dumbbells.Put them at chest level, and then spread the elbows to the side.Again, put a brush with dumbbells at chest level, and do have a large circle of hands, spreading them apart completely.

Then do the same, but with alternate attack on one or the other leg forward.Remove weights, put your hands on the waist and bend a few times back and forth.

In conclusion, the periodicity.If you are going to do 2 times a day for 20-25 minutes, then 3-4 weeks feel that the back has become more flexible, and improves posture eyes.In no case do not stop training, because the flexibility of both comes and goes, if it is not train.
If you put a little effort to make its flexible back, the result you will pay off handsomely.Because of the state of the spine it depends not only on good posture, flexibility and flexibility of the body, but also the health and even the life expectancy of a person.