Learn how to transfer his weight from one foot to the other, and in time to bend his legs before go on the ice.To do this, perform the following exercises:
1. Put your hands behind your back and press them tightly to the torso, knees and feet together.Bend your knees and torso to 45 degrees relative to the floor.Make a couple of sit-ups.Adjust ride height to find a comfortable position for themselves.
2. Starting position is the same as in the previous exercise.Taps turn feet (about the length of your step) in the first part, and then back, with slightly bend their knees and put on socks.
Walk often on their heels, socks, outer arch of the foot, falling left and right side, skrestnye and "g
oose" step.
Start skate on the rink, where few people are riding.
When you go on the ice, make sure that the socks were deployed outside.It is necessary for stability.
Try to take a few steps, put the blade in parallel and try to ride.
Try to tilt the body forward.Learn basic
skater landing, that is to learn to ride bent legs.
Make sure that the head when riding was raised and his eyes directed forward 10-15 m.
Try to slide on the ice, and not run.
Learn to do the same in length, equal steps.Before the end of each step use.
makes each new impetus to the smooth and easy, but try not to lose speed.
Do not forget to carry the gravity of the body when it is pushed to the sliding foot.
Make sure that when the skating is not tuck the legs, on the ice skates should slide and not welts shoes.
Learn how to make turns.All turns should be made to the left.Slightly tilt the body to the left, then move the weight on his left leg and put it on the outside of the blade.Then lift the leg and gently place it in front of the right, crossing over her rear right leg.
Try not to jump up on the corners and keep the legs bent at all times.
Learn to slow down: just do the inner edge of the ridge emphasis in the ice, you can also inhibit the backdrop konka.Samoe importantly, be patient and get ready to fall a lot, without falling training will not do.But when you learn to ride a skate , understand that knowingly suffered.It is a real pleasure.